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Are you hearing gurgling in your toilets? Or are you standing in a 6-inch deep of water after your shower?

Did you know that most “flushable wipes” don’t dissolve and don’t break apart? This can cause a big issue as they get snagged on a bend or rough spot in an old pipe. Then as the next flush comes down the line it all starts to build up in that same spot. Before you know it, your toilets are telling funny stories as you’re in the shower. Moments later, the shower is backing up and everything goes from a clean shower to “Oh no! Now I need to take a shower to clean off after this shower”.

The above scenario is what we call a “Main Line Blockage”.

Not to stress! Whether you have a small bathroom sink clog, slow draining bathtub, or your kitchen sink garbage disposal is jammed, our team is ready to help and get your drains flowing right away. Contact us and we will have a technician from our team dispatched to your home quickly!

Fixing a kitchen sink garbage disposal

If your garbage disposal is not turning on, let’s go through some quick diagnostics to determine what the issue might be.

Garbage Disposal Drain Cleaning in North Miami

Do you hear a humming noise from the motor after turning the power on?

Your garbage disposal is jammed.

To fix it, you need to unjam the garbage disposal. Watch this video on how to do it.

If you still need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us!

It either needs to be reset or it’s burned out.

At the bottom of the garbage disposal is a red reset button, press it and listen if you hear a humming noise. If you do, then watch this video on how to unjam a garbage disposal.

If you still need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Easy bathroom sink drain cleaning

If your bathroom sink clogs up within 5 seconds of turning on the water, then the clog is really close by. You can try using a small hair catching tool to remove the debris. Amazon and Home Depot sell these great tools to quickly and easily fix the slow drain.

There is this tool that can be bought in Amazon. You can just insert through the drain hole then pull back up, all the hair catches onto the small teeth on the stick.

Is Drano and drain cleaning chemicals okay to use?

These harsh chemicals typically don’t help with real clogs. The chemicals can eat through hair and grease but only before it gets really bad. Once the drain is clogged, the chemicals won’t reach the clog and therefore won’t help.

At that point, the chemicals are sitting in the pipe and can deteriorate the pipe as it’s sitting.

We advise against using these harsh chemicals as the cost for pipe repairs are much higher than having a professional do a routine drain cleaning of the pipes.

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If you have a clogged drain or sewer line, contact us to get your drains cleared up right away!

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