Drinking Water Filter Systems


Drinking Water Filter Systems


WaterDrop G3-P800 — top performing water filtration system

It features 9 layers filtration for the deepest filtration and ultimate purification. It reduces thousands of harmful substances including rust, sediment chlorine, lead, TDS, salt, PFS, arsenic, odor, matter. It does this through 3 filter cartridges.

A low drain ratio minimizes wasting water. The pure to drain ratio of clean water to drain 3:1 and ultimate capacity of 800 gallons per day.

It has a UV light with 99.9% sterilization effect to kill any bacteria and viruses that might be present in the water. This additional layer of protection ensures that your drinking water is safe and free from harmful microorganisms.

The space saving under sink system features a pump instead of a large expansion tank and saves about 2/3 the amount of space.

It can do this by having an internal pump to create the pressure needed after the thorough filtration, this also benefits you because it fills your glass in 6 seconds instead of the traditional slow fill of the typical RO systems of the past that we have used.

The smart faucet with digital display shows the TDS reading and filter life indicator.

The filters need replacement at 6-12-24 months. This means every 6 months you replace one of the filters and at 12 months replace the second filter. At 24 months replacing the last filter. The filter cartridge replacement cost is $35 per cartridge.

Replacing the cartridge is as easy as, twist left, pull, insert the new cartridge and twist right. Done! You don’t need to turn off the water as it isolates on its own when you pull out the cartridges.

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