Your feedback is our fuel!


Your feedback is our fuel!

The steamer in the shower enclosure broke and in fact needed a replacement. Yuda did a great job in researching the market and finding a replacement with no major rewiring etc. The bidet was also needed a fix as it was leaking Yuda found replacement plumbing fawcetts pipes etc and fixed the leak. The kitchen sink plumbing was leaking and that too was fixed by Yuda and his team! Yuda has raised the bar concerning getting the job done well and doing it with courtesy and professionalism! Thank you Yuda !

Sirralph H.

In this busy world of ours it’s gratifying when a business takes the time to provide amazing service. It is for this reason that I’m writing to compliment OASIS PLUMBING for their 5 star service. It was easy to schedule their service, Rony came the following morning on time, identified my leak and worked to resolve my issue within an hour. Speedy, great service, from wearing the shoe coverings as they entered my house to the fast service, to the text messages 30 min prior to their arrival, everything was on point, really impress! Other companies would benefit from your standard of service. Nice job.

Derek B.

I could not be more pleased with the high quality and honest service I received from Yuda’s Plumbing. I dealt directly with the owner, and he came to my condo first thing in the morning the very next day after I called. I ended up having a bit of a complicated issue, but he was thoughtful about coming up with an effective solution and very fair with the price. The best part? Unlike most plumbers, the company works very cleanly and is extremely considerate of not making a mess, of cleaning up after the job and making sure everything is “good as new” when they are done. I would not hesitate to recommend Yuda’s Plumbing to anyone.

Daniel G.

I had an issue with my shower faucet, it would not close, so I contacted Oasis Plumbing. I visited the website, filled out a form and scheduled a time for a visit. The office later communicated with me in a polite and professional manner and indicated they could come out sooner than the scheduled time, great, a tech came out, evaluated the situation, then mentioned they would need to come back. Another appointment was scheduled, the technician that came out got the job done! Javier, the Oasis Plumbing technician, took about three hours to complete the job, but he did! Everything is working fine, it’s appreciated, it cost a bit more than one would like, however, the company was well represented, and all went well!

Anonymous Individual

Yuda and Rony are simply the best. I’ve been using Oasis Plumbing since I moved to the beach and needed tons of repairs on leaking sinks, broken toilets, and bidet installations. I was supposed to leave this morning for a trip and found out my sink was leaking from a recent bathroom renovation. I called at 8:00am sharp and Yuda picked up. I let him know that I really needed someone to come by before we left and Rony was at my home by 8:40am with my bidet seat that was supposed to be installed when I got back, but hey why not knock it out with my leaking sink. By 9:30am, the sink was fixed and the bidet seat installed. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see these guys wearing booties in my house. I’ve had so many contractors in and out of my house for a year now and the service by Oasis is definitely one of the more pleasant experiences. They are on time (and text when they are en route) and always clean up and make sure they left my house the way they found it. They’re the best I’ve found in Miami for plumbing needs and highly recommend them to anybody!

Kathryn E.

These guys are absolutely fantastic! I don’t know how they have any negative reviews and I question the validity of the ones I see posted. It doesn’t even seem like those reviewers ever actually used the company. I own multiple Miami properties and have used Oasis, Yuda and Rony for many jobs. The projects include new toilet installation, kitchen and bathroom automatic faucet installation, water heater purchase and installation, whole home water filtration system, single tap water filtration system, and a range of other smaller items. They have been EXCELLENT – EVERY SINGLE TIME. They are highly professional, on time, available/flexible for scheduling, knowledgeable and friendly. It is very hard to find competent and quality contractors in Miami, especially plumbers. These folks go above and beyond and are generally, just awesome people to work with. I will not work with any other plumber and I would highly advise you to save yourself lots of time and headache by making Oasis your first call for any project.

Krystina J.

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