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These guys are absolutely fantastic!
I own multiple Miami properties and have used Oasis, Yuda and Rony for many jobs.  The projects include new toilet installation, kitchen and bathroom automatic faucet installation, water heater purchase and installation, whole home water filtration system, single tap water filtration system, and a range of other smaller items.

They have been EXCELLENT – EVERY SINGLE TIME.  They are highly professional, on time, available/flexible for scheduling, knowledgeable and friendly.

It is very hard to find competent and quality contractors in Miami, especially plumbers. These folks go above and beyond and are generally just awesome people to work with.

I will not work with any other plumber and I would highly advise you to save yourself lots of time and headache by making Oasis your first call for any project.

Krystina J. Miami Beach, FL
Categories: Water filtration, Tankless Water Heater, Toilet Plumbing


Yuda and Rony are simply the best. I’ve been using Oasis Plumbing since I moved to the beach and needed tons of repairs on leaking sinks, broken toilets, and bidet installations. I was supposed to leave this morning for a trip and found out my sink was leaking from a recent bathroom renovation. I called at 8:00am sharp and Yuda picked up. I let him know that I really needed someone to come by before we left and Rony was at my home by 8:40am with my bidet seat that was supposed to be installed when I got back, but hey why not knock it out with my leaking sink. By 9:30am, the sink was fixed and the bidet seat installed.

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see these guys wearing booties in my house. I’ve had so many contractors in and out of my house for a year now and the service by Oasis is definitely one of the more pleasant experiences. They are on time (and text when they are en route) and always clean up and make sure they left my house the way they found it. They’re the best I’ve found in Miami for plumbing needs and highly recommend them to anybody!

Kathryn E. Miami Beach, FL
Category: Kitchen Plumbing, Bathroom Plumbing


Oasis Plumbing saved my day (and my sanity) when my toilet clogged during a busy morning with my 3 little kids running around. Not only did they arrive on time, but their plumber Rony was a total pro and had my toilet up and running in no time.

Plus, he was great with my kids and gave a lesson on what not to flush lol!

I was thrilled with the service and will definitely be calling Oasis Plumbing for all my future plumbing needs.

My kids constantly point at the Oasis magnet on the fridge and say “superman guys”

Irene E. Coral Gables, FL
Category: Bathroom Plumbing