Professional Plumber for your water leak repair and prevention

Water line repair and replacement in Miami

Water line repair and replacement in Miami

Are you dealing with leaky pipes or rusty water and need to call a plumber?

We have reliable plumbing solutions for all your leak detection and repair needs. Whether it’s a plumbing emergency or a plumbing inspection for home buyers. Our Residential plumbing services have you covered when it comes to plumbing leak detection and Water leak repair.

Let’s talk pipes!


Many Plumbing contractors use different types of plumbing pipe and it can be confusing to decide what is the best choice for your home. Pipe installation for new construction vs water line replacement options can completely change your pipe options and final choice. Consider money, damage to your home’s interior or exterior, will you have to move out, what is the access…

So to simplify the best choice for your home’s quality plumbing Pipe installation or Plumbing upgrades depends on many factors. We suggest starting with a plumbing consultation for home renovation. After a thorough Plumbing inspection our professional plumbers can discuss the condition of your pipes with you and determine if any repairs are needed and the best solution for your specific needs.

Choosing the right type of water supply plumbing pipe:




plumbing pipe

plumbing pipe

plumbing pipe

Choosing the right type of water supply plumbing pipe:


plumbing pipe


plumbing pipe


plumbing pipe

These are all great options and used often here in Miami FL and the surrounding areas. You might find slightly different plumbing practices used in different cities around south Florida and even more around the country.

Discussing your plumbing pipe repair or replacement with a plumber near you is most advised as practices can change in different areas.

At Oasis Plumbing our personal favorite is

copper pipe

Sure copper piping can be the most expensive, but it’s also been around for so long that it’s been tried and tested and you know it lasts.

Copper piping has been demonstrated to possess antimicrobial properties and has been shown to suppress viruses such as Polio, Legionnaires disease, and E. Coli. In a study, it was found that even brief exposure to copper can have a positive impact on controlling bacteria. The research indicated that the concentration of bacteria in copper pipes was ten times less than in plastic pipes

PEX piping

is a great material as well. The flexibility and long length make it our favorite for installing in the ground. Where copper pipe and PVC pipe would need several joints to make up a 100 foot run of pipe, the PEX piping can be one continuous length. This diminishes possible leaks because of less joints. The flexibility of the pipe will also withstand a tree root or rock pushing against it as it can bend, whereas PVC pipe would crack from the pressure of the tree root or rock.

However PEX does have its time and place. PEX pipe cannot be exposed to the sun, as it is not UV rated and deteriorates the piping. That is where we transition to copper pipe before coming up from the ground and as it enters the home.

And last but not least,

CPVC pipe

CPVC piping is certainly cheaper, it’s extremely easy to install and many plumbing contractors will use it to lessen their cost. Plus they can have an inexperienced apprentice install the piping. The downsides that we’ve experienced several years later, is that the pipe gets brittle and easily cracks. In fact we have a client that called us frantically in the middle of the night when their picture frame fell off the wall above the toilet and hit the CPVC pipe and cracked it. Water was shooting out like a fire hydrant…

Sometimes when trying to make a repair to an older CPVC pipe, we have to be extremely careful that another section doesn’t snap while we’re fixing the original affected area.

Let’s take a moment to explain




PVC is rated for cold water



CPVC can be used for cold and HOT water.

Local plumbing codes don’t allow the use of PVC for water distribution inside the walls of a house. The reason for not allowing PVC for distribution pipe is that it is not rated to withstand the thermal expansion stress caused by hot water.

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Let’s talk about

Galvanized steel pipe,

the demon of pipes.

Historically, galvanized pipes were widely installed for water lines in homes constructed prior to the 1960s in the US. These pipes are manufactured from iron and coated with zinc, but with time, the zinc layer wears away, causing corrosion and breakages. The integrity of the pipes is impacted, leading to a decline in water pressure and quality.

A blog post from

discusses some of the history of galvanized pipes.

When the pipes corrode, lead, a dangerous toxin can build up in the pipes. Take note that galvanized plumbing could pose a serious health hazard. This is true if the pipes are not replaced or updated with safer pipes.

Health Risks of Galvanized Water Pipes

Ingesting lead can result in serious health issues that mimic the symptoms of the flu, including high fever, shivers, and muscle aches. This is often the case when there is an excessive amount of lead present in the water supply, which is typically caused by aging galvanized piping. To address these health concerns, it is important to address the root cause of the lead contamination by replacing your pipes or filtering your water.

Lead exposure can have severe health impacts, especially for children. Even minimal lead exposure can result in harm to the brain and nervous system, attention and behavioral issues, decreased mental and physical development, hearing loss, impaired coordination and vision, and headaches.

Although adults may not be as susceptible to lead poisoning as children and elderly individuals, long-term or high-level exposure can lead to high blood pressure, bone problems, kidney issues, neurological harm, reduced fertility, pregnancy complications, digestive problems, joint and muscle pain, and memory difficulties. If you have concerns and need a plumbing repair or leak detection, you have found the right guys for your residential plumbing services.

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